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If you haven’t already…
Set up an Affiliate Account or Set up a Small Business account.

Quantum Leaps provides ISP services to small businesses and for educational purposes.

If you are an educational level user, you likely wouldn’t need more that our standard Educational Affiliate program. This is our free package and includes the following features.

  1. Site presence in the form of web access (1 site/account)
  2. Email (5 accounts/site)
  3. FTP (5 accounts/site)
  4. Robust set of management utilities

Additionally, we have our small business package which we offer for $15/Month with no long term contracts. The small business package includes the following features.

  • Site presence in the form of web access (5 sites/account)
  • Email (Unlimited accounts/site)
  • FTP (Unlimited accounts/site)
  • Database Access (1 database per site)
  • WordPress Including base setup to include email functions properly.
  • Technical Support.

Beyond the small business package, custom support is available, drop us a line and we’ll discuss your requirements.