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Posted on November 9, 2017 by admin under QL Mail
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This page constitutes the Frequently Asked questions (FAQ) for the Quantum Leaps Mail services.

Please look here for an answer before requesting support.

(Note: Eventually this page should be migrated to several pages and only have links here.)


  1. What is Quantum Leaps Mail Services? Quantum Leaps Mail Services, or QL Mail for short, is a free service providing emails free of charge. Simply fill out the form and you can begin using your quantum leaps email immediately.
  2. What are the mail ports used for sending and receiving email? We support secure TLS mail delivery using ports 110 for reading and 25 for sending of emails.
  3. How can I check mail? You can setup to receive mail using any pop or imap client. Reference the apple howto for setting up your iphone or ipad. See the galaxy setup for an example on samsung devices.

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