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Posted on November 12, 2017 by admin under QL Mail, RoundCube
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RoundCube provides a configuration file, which holds the system configuration information. In todays environment, branding of some type is almost a prerequisite and this is also true for Roundube.

This article explains the include_host_config option and how to use it.

The include_host_config option is used to load domain specific options. It takes a named array as a parameter, the array itself contains domain names and the corresponding file containing the options for that domain.

Options listed in this file will be loaded only for the specified domain, and will override corresponding entries from the main configuration file.

There should be one entry per domain in the array, and sub domains are seperate as well. So for example, if you wanted to have the domain XXX.YYY load specific options from the file, you would have;

$config['include_host_config'] = array(
 'XXX.YYY' => '',

However, this only affects that domain. WWW.XXX.YYY would still use the default, so that entry should be added as well…if that is what you want of course.

$config['include_host_config'] = array(
 'XXX.YYY' => '', 
 'WWW.XXX.YYY' => '',

The procedure is simple. Edit the /etc/roundcube/ file and add or modify the include_host_config option as appropriate.

Once complete, edit the file containing the domain specific options and add the following.

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