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Posted on November 19, 2017 by admin under ISPConfig
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Here we are going to add a site for the quantumleaps domain.

  1. Logon to the ISPconfig3 interface.
  2. Select the Sites tab.
  3. Select the Add new website button.
  4. On the page presented, select the Domain tab.
  5. Select the Client from the dropdown. If you are logged in as the client, this will not be available.
  6. In the Domain text area, enter the name of the domain for which the site is being created. Eg:
  7. Enable CGI.
  8. Enable SSI.
  9. Enable Perl.
  10. Enable Ruby.
  11. Enable Python.
  12. Enable SSL.
  13. Do not enable Let’s Encrypt SSL, well discuss that later.
  14. Select Fast-CGI from the PHP dropdown.
  15. Ensure the Active checkbox is selected.
  16. Select the Save button.

Note that you can select the options you want as far as 7-11, for my site, I wanted them all.

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