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Posted on November 22, 2017 by admin under ISPConfig
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SPF, Sender Policy Framework are DNS entries that are used to list the mail server which should be considered valid for a given domain. When an email is received, a DNS lookup of the TXT record containing the SPF data is queried and the data is analyzed to determine if the server is allowed. If it is then it passed that spam filter check.

To add an SPF record.

  1. Logon to your ISPConfig3 interface.
  2. Select the DNS tab.
  3. Select the domain to which you wish to add an SPF entry, in our case it will be
  4. Select the SPF button.
    • The SPF button provides a nice little form for adding the record. You could add yourself using a TXT record if you chose.
  5. Select Fail – reject mail from other senders from the SPF Mechanism dropdown.
  6. In the Additional IP addresses in CIDR format that deliver or relay mail for this domain enter the ip address of the server allowed to send email. You can list multiple ip’s by separating them with a comma.
    • You can mix and match as well, for example, if you ensure the Allow servers listed as MX to send email for this domain checkbox is selected and enter an IP then ANY ip matching a domains MX entry in DNS is allowed AND the ip entered in this field as well.
  7. Ensure the Active checkbox is selected.
  8. Select the Save button

Hint: you can view the DNS records and see the SPF format. It is a TXT record and the data will start with v=spf1

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