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Posted on November 23, 2017 by admin under General
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This post is a procedure for testing the email services at

The same process should work for your system, just change the domain name as needed.

We want to verify that the email services we setup in ISPConfig — Setup Email Domain is working properly.

We also rely on there being two accounts. If you haven’t created at least two email accounts which can be used for testing, follow the ISPConfig — Add new Mailbox procedure to create, again, at least two accounts.

  1. Point your browser to the RoundCube interface for your domain.
  2. Logon with test account #1.
    • After logging in, you should see the default welcome message, but we are not concerned with that.
  3. Select the Compose button and send an email to test account #2.
  4. Once sent, wait a moment and select the Refresh button.
    • If the email was bounced, you should receive a notification of such.
  5. Log off of the RoundCube interface.
  6. Log back on as test account #2.
  7. You should now see the welcome message for test account #2 AND the email from test account #1.


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