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Quantum leaps is a company that a buddy of mine and I started long ago, we purchased the domain name at that time, when it cost real money to register a domain.

Sadly, the company didn’t make it, but we have always maintained the name.

What we are Offering

We want to offer to developers, charities, and small business types the opportunity to to have a robust online presence without the limitations imposed by online providers such as GoDaddy or Google.

If you decide to host with one of the major providers, you will find that for each feature you want to add, you incur another charge. This can cause that $15 a month fee to baloon over time. Want WordPress, that’s another charge, want database access…thats another charge,… well you get the picture.

At QuantumLeaps, your initial fee gets you full access to our services and our word that we will try to accommodate your needs.

Below is a partial list of what we offer, and please contact us for more information,

  • Unlimited domain hosting.
  • Unlimited emails per domain
  • Full access to databases
  • Unlimited databases
  • Online support.
— The above list is not complete. —

Why are we doing This

We are technicians, and technicians by nature are curious organisms. As such we at Quantum Leaps like to know how things work. We set up environments, figure out how to configure and operated those environments, then revel in the new found knowledge in the hopes that some day in the future it may be of help in some money making venture.

This is one of those “things”.

To set up the environment on which this, an hopefully your, site runs, we had to learn VMWare, Linux, Email, DNS, and many other technologies.

We setup this environment because we wanted to build something that required many of our areas of expertise and to have, in the end a robust environment for our use that would be easy to configure and maintain.

After completion, we realized that we had extra resources, that is to say virtual machine resources.

Since we had the extra resources, and the cost of those resources need to be covered, we decided to see if we could essentially crowd-source our costs for the environment.

Hence, this site was borne.

Thank you for visiting.
Please contact us about hosting your organizations web presence.